NEUROLOGY is the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system.  This includes both the “central nervous system” (brain and spinal cord) and the “peripheral nervous system” (nerves).  Neurology is a medical specialty; the corresponding surgical specialty is Neurosurgery.  Neurologists treat a range of diseases including epilepsy (seizures), movement disorders, headaches, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, cerebral palsy, infections (e.g. meningitis and encephalitis), tumors, and countless other disorders of the human nervous system.  All neurologists complete a four-year residency, though many acquire additional fellowship training in subspecialties such as Child Neurology, Brain Injury Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology, Epilepsy, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Neuromuscular Medicine, Pain Medicine, Sleep Medicine, and Vascular Neurology.  Neurology and all of its subspecialties are governed by the American Board of Neurology, part of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).

Litigation necessitating a neurology expert witness is infrequent, though neurologists are often required as expert witnesses in order to explain the treatment of stroke, seizure, and meningitis as well as a number of other acute neurological syndromes.

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From the treatment of common disorders to the most complex neurological diseases in the field, ELITE MEDICAL EXPERTS reviews all aspects of neurological litigation including:

  • Coma
  • Confusional states, delirium, and amnesia
  • Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating disease
  • Dementia
  • Headache and Facial Pain
  • Temporal (Giant Cell) arteritis
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Seizures and epilepsy
  • Syncope and dizziness
  • Movement disorders
  • Stroke:: Ischemic and hemorrhagic
  • Thrombolytic therapy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Paralysis, paraplegia, and quadriplegia
  • Tremor, myoclonus, dystonia, and tics
  • Meningitis and encephalitis
  • Hydrocephalus, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, and ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunts
  • Pseudotumor cerebri
  • Craniocerebral trauma
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Tardive dyskinesia

When discussing such complexities, an experienced Board-Certified Neurologist from a top academic medical center is an invaluable resource.  To secure a Neurology expert who is ready to review your client’s case, please contact Elite Medical Experts and speak with a physician today.