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ELITE has a proven combination geared towards your case success.

Your point of contact will be the medical professional staff of ELITE,
while the nation's leading university physicians provide detailed expert review.
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ELITE is your exclusive source for the nation’s top university medical experts

We work with law firms across the US to provide 100% Board-Certified, full-time practicing physicians holding professorial positions at leading universities. From Stanford to Yale, and from every medical and surgical specialty, ELITE secures top-level medical experts from the nation’s most respected medical institutions. Each specialist is truly unique – a Board Certified professor with a dedicated clinical practice, extensive publications, and spotless credentials from a major U.S. medical center. When an ELITE medical expert witness aligns with your case, you have a powerful voice on your side.


ELITE provides a cost-effective foundation for launching your case

To minimize expense, ELITE charges a single flat-fee for the expert’s initial case review and oral opinion. If the case is non-meritorious, your firm’s out-of-pocket expenses are capped. If the case moves forward, all of our medical expert witnesses utilize standardized terms and fees. ELITE stays on board to streamline communications, provides strategic support, and handle all details.


ELITE is a physician-based firm specializing solely in medicolegal analysis

Whether working for plaintiff or defense, ELITE understands medical negligence.  Our medical expert witnesses are impartial, independent professionals whose allegiance is to the medical facts.  Plaintiffs benefit when an ELITE medical expert witness assures that frivolous cases are dropped while meritorious cases are litigated on sound medical grounds. Defendants benefit when the medical experts provide either the backbone for a solid defense or, in cases of true negligence, a realistic opinion on settlement.  Either way, when you work with ELITE, you can be confident in the result.


ELITE provides start-to-finish litigation support

Our medical expert witnesses understand the elements of negligence and provide a thorough analysis of duty, breach, harm, and causation. When a case is meritorious, our medical experts stay with you throughout all phases of litigation.  ELITE’s experienced staff also remains on board to facilitate communication, coordinate billing and payments, and streamline the entire process.  We also provide full support including preparation for interrogatories and depositions, highly-customized case research, and strategic consultation.

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