The Board Certified Ophthalmology Expert Witness Is Necessary In Complex Cases

Ophthalmologists perform a wide range of procedures which include cataract surgery, laser vision surgery (LASIK), and ocular muscle surgery. Litigation against ophthalmologists may allege incorrect surgical technique and complications of surgery including bleeding, infection, and damage to adjacent structures. Missed or delayed diagnosis of serious vision problems, such as glaucoma, is another source of litigation. In a lawsuit against Leon Medical Centers and ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Leon-Rosen, patient Miguel Diaz sued the hospital and doctor after cataract surgery left him blind in one eye.  Diaz accused the medical center and doctor of medical negligence after injecting the wrong medication into his eye in September of 2013. Within a few days, he suffered pain and blurry vision. His attorney stated that the surgery resulted in total blindness in one eye. A Miami-Dade jury awarded the Diaz family $13M in damages.

Mr. Diaz’s vision became clouded by cataracts in 2013. As a client of Leon Medical Centers, the healthcare group scheduled the visit with Dr. Leon-Rosen, arranged for the surgery and took charge of his post-operative care. In response to the lawsuit, the hospital argued that the ophthalmologist was an independent contractor and not a staff physician, saying that they were not at fault. Diaz testified that neither the doctor nor the healthcare center notified him that Dr. Leon-Rosen was an independent contractor. Diaz also testified that the doctor had a Leon Medical Centers logo on his lab coat and on his hospital ID.  The jury agreed with the plaintiff that the healthcare company had acted as though he were an employee. The medical group has said it plans to appeal the ruling.

Leon Medical Centers has seven clinics in Miami-Dade County with 2,300 health care professionals in the network who serve more than 42,000 Medicare recipients. Thirteen other patients are suing Leon Medical Centers for poor cataract surgery care they say caused inflammation, damage to the cornea, and varying levels of loss of vision, including total blindness.

Proving medical negligence by an ophthalmologist is complex, particularly since the plaintiff’s physical and emotional damage can be life-changing. An experienced and board certified ophthalmology expert witness from a top academic medical center is critical in these cases. To secure an ophthalmology expert witness of this caliber, contact ELITE Medical Experts.

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