The Cardiology Expert Witness Testimony In Negligence Cases

cardiology expert witness

Cardiologists diagnose and treat diseases and defects in the heart and veins.  These conditions range from congenital defects to damage caused by accident or illness. Depending on the condition, treatment may often be complex. When a cardiac patient does not survive treatment, the family may raise allegations of medical negligence.  A Mercer County (PA) Common Pleas Court Judge approved a medical malpractice settlement of $6M to Leigh A. Isaac and her family. Mrs. Isaac filed the lawsuit against Pittsburg cardiologist Dr. Joseph Wizorek of UPMC Horizon for negligence in the treatment of her husband, Harold D. Isaacs Jr. Mr. Isaacs was in a minor car accident and when admitted to the hospital, a CT scan was taken.  A small asymptomatic mass was found and Dr. Wizorek recommended surgery to remove the mass.  Mr. Isaacs died the day following surgery due to “multi-system organ failure.” The plaintiff’s attorney, Neil Rosen, hired a cardiology expert who opined that Dr. Wizorek did not follow the medical standard of care in Mr. Isaac’s treatment.

Most cardiologists are expected to be experts on all aspects of the heart so that they can diagnose and treat a range of different conditions. When medical negligence is alleged, the cardiology expert witness becomes a critical member of the litigation team.  These medical professionals have undergone four years of medical school, three years of internal medicine training, and finally, three more years of specialized training. The board certified cardiology expert is uniquely qualified to consult and offer testimony in cases of medical negligence.

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