The ELITE Difference

The internet abounds with expert “referral services” who refer clients to experts in their database. The “experts” typically pay a listing fee in exchange for the referral, while the referral service eagerly amasses thousands of experts ready to opine on everything from bridge maintenance to industrial insulation. ELITE MEDICAL EXPERTS has a better approach. We focus solely on our clients’ needs and we only specialize in medical litigation. Since we conduct an independent search for each expert, we have no subscribers and we do not maintain an ongoing relationship with any experts. Our process is geared toward discovery with full transparency and discretion. And, since all of our experts are university professors in full-time clinical practice, our clients are assured of top-tier credentials from a true expert.


To experience the ELITE difference, simply contact us for your free consultation.

Our dedicated team of in-house Physicians and Nurses will help outline a case strategy
and secure you a leading Academic medical expert for your next case.

ELITE MEDICAL EXPERTS vs. Referral Services

POINT OF CONTACTNo single point-of-contact; little to no medical background or knowledge.Dedicated ELITE Physician or Nurse staff case manager who understands medical litigation and remains on board throughout case.
VALUE-ADDED SERVICESLimited ability to provide services beyond referring from pre-set list of experts.Complete start-to-finish litigation support; complimentary case strategy consultation with ELITE Physician or Nurse staff.
CREDENTIALSCertification and active-practice are not assured.100% Board-Certified, full-time practicing specialists.
BACKGROUND"Professional experts". Substantial income derived from testimony.University Professors with full-time clinical practice. Minimal income obtained as medical expert.
EXPERTSPre-existing list of experts.Experts chosen and secured for your specific case.
EXCLUSIVITYOpen to all doctors regardless of backgroundOpen only to professors at major US universities.
FEES & TERMSVariable between experts and cases.All ELITE experts utilize the same fees and terms.
DISCRETIONDoctors openly advertise to promote services.ELITE experts never advertise. Their loyalty is to the medical facts.
SPECIALIZATIONAll medical, technical and professional fields.Focused exclusively on healthcare-related litigation.
ORGANIZATIONRun by various corporate entities and/or investors.Led by experienced team of in-house physicians and nurses.