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In Lockhart v. Bloom, et al., Connie Lockhart sued ER physician Dr. Glenn Bloom and critical care physician Dr. Sachin Lavania for negligence following her treatment at Northside Hospital-Cherokee’s ER in Canton, Georgia. Lockhart was admitted to the hospital for an overdose of blood pressure medication. Within two weeks, it was medically necessary that she have a below-the-knee amputation. The plaintiff charged Dr. Bloom with improperly placing a femoral catheter line in her artery rather than her vein which resulted in the loss of her leg.

Emergency medicine specializes in the treatment of acutely ill and injured people. ER physicians treat many life-threatening medical conditions as well as traumatic injuries. Allegations of negligence may involve missed or delayed diagnoses of life-threatening conditions. In Lockhart v. Bloom, the court ruled that the plaintiff did not support her case with the right expert witness testimony.  Fulton County State Court Judge Jane Morrison ruled that the plaintiff “failed to produce legally sufficient expert testimony to establish a breach of the standard of care and/or gross negligence…”

Dr. Lavania took over the patient’s care and according to Lockhart, compounded the medical error. Lockhart’s legal team stated that Dr. Lavania failed to travel to the hospital in a timely manner and also failed to order a vascular surgical consultation for some days even though hospital staff noticed that Lockhart’s leg had turned cold, mottled, and pulseless. Lockhart reached a $1M settlement with Dr. Lavania.

Due to the complex nature of conditions treated in emergency medicine, securing an experienced board-certified emergency medicine expert witness from a top university medical center is an instrumental resource in a successful outcome. Please contact Elite Medical Experts and speak with a physician or nurse on Elite’s Case Strategy Team to ensure a qualified expert for your legal team.

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