Hospital Administration Experts & Ransomware Attack

Hospital administration experts may report and consult on the management and administration of health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks. They develop procedures for quality assurance and patient services to ensure that medical facilities run efficiently. Hospital administrators must be current on laws, regulations, and technology.

On February 5, 2016, employees at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Los Angeles, noticed their network wasn’t working properly. Computer experts found that hackers had accessed the hospital’s medical records and attacked the computer system with malware. Termed a “ransomware attack,” hackers lock computers until a ransom is paid. Hospital President and CEO Allen Stefanek paid the hacker’s demands, considering it the most efficient way to regain access to HPMC medical records.

Hospital administration experts need sharp business skills to manage the overall hospital facility and ensure the efficient delivery of medical services. Their experience and judgement is also called upon when responding to a threat to health care computer operations and the loss of sensitive information.

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