The Cardiothoracic Surgery Expert Witness

Cardiothoracic surgery experts specialize in heart and lung surgery. Thoracic surgery most commonly involves partial or complete lung removal in addition to the treatment of tumors and infections in the chest. In the news, Deborah Craven filed a lawsuit against Yale-New Haven Hospital, Yale University and two physicians following her 2015 surgery. Craven was supposed to have part of her eighth rib removed because of a lesion. She experienced pain after the operation because the seventh rib had been removed.

The lawsuit claims that although radiologists marked the rib to be removed with metal coils and marking dye, resident Dr. Ricardo Quarrie removed the wrong rib and then lied about why the surgical team needed to operate again the same day.  Dr. Quarrie told Craven that “not enough rib” was surgically removed, when in fact, he had removed the wrong rib. Craven’s attorney, Joel Faxon, described the situation thus: “Making the patient undergo another surgery the same day, without owning up to the real medical reason for the repeat surgery is just plain deceitful.”

Cardiothoracic surgery expert witnesses are called upon to testify in medical negligence cases regarding the breach of medical standard of care. Craven’s case may allege multiple causes of action, one of which is that the surgeons failed to do an X-ray after the procedure to make sure the operation had been done correctly.

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