Emergency Medicine Expert Witnesses
Medical team rushing a sick patient to the emergency ward

A recent MedPageToday headline reads: Burnout: Emergency Medicine Hit Hardest. The article notes that the highest rates of physician burnout are found among “front-line physicians: family medicine, general internal medicine, neurology, and emergency medicine…” When doctors are not able to rest and recover during their time off, job burnout starts to take its toll. Unfortunately, one of the complications of this exhaustion is an increase in medical errors which may lead to a malpractice lawsuit. Medical malpractice cases are emotionally charged and may result in multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements. In the event of a malpractice suit, the most valuable asset on the legal team can often be the experienced emergency medicine expert witness.

Emergency medicine expert witnesses may consult and testify on the multitude of life threatening medical conditions treated in the ER: heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, appendicitis, as well as traumatic events such as automobile accidents. ER medicine experts are experienced in opining on allegations of missed or delayed diagnoses of dangerous conditions and diseases. These experts may also consult on the mismanagement of acute illness and inappropriate discharge from hospital emergency care.

When a litigant is seeking compensation in a malpractice case, the experienced emergency medicine expert witness is indispensable to both sides of the legal argument.

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