General Surgery Experts

The Louisiana Supreme Court will review the medical malpractice lawsuit arising from Richard Logan’s 2015 gallbladder surgery. Logan has accused Houma, LA, general surgeon Donald Schwab of cutting the wrong connecting tissue between his gallbladder and liver. Dr. Schwab has conceded his mistake and that the error caused bile to damage the liver of his patient.

The Logans argue that a surgeon must positively and conclusively identify a structure before incising it. While the general surgery expert witness for the Logans admitted that “apart from failing to carry out this additional step, Dr. Schwab did everything correctly and in accordance with the standard of care,” the Louisiana Supreme Court is examining the case for merit as a medical negligence case.

General surgery expert witnesses are often called to testify in medical malpractice litigation involving complications of surgery such as bleeding, infection, or damage to adjacent tissue.

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