Neurology Expert Witnesses & Concussions

Neurologists treat a wide range of patient diseases as well as injuries.  Today, a sports injury resulting in neurological damage is once again in the news. The San Diego Chargers announced that wide receiver Malcom Floyd would not return to the game due to a concussion. With multiple concussions during his twelve years playing NFL football, he may call this his final season.

A concussion is a brain injury which does not necessarily involve a loss of consciousness. In What is a Sports Concussion?, Dr. Vernon Williams explains that “Any impact or force to the head or body that results in a change in how the brain works counts as a concussion.” In addition to blunt force, whiplash may create similar changes to the brain.

Finding the right neurology expert witness in a sports concussion lawsuit is imperative. Only a highly skilled and experienced neurologist can report and testify on the appropriate standard of care following such an injury.

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