Neurosurgery Expert Witness Testifies In Civil Rights Case

Neurosurgery expert witness Cheng W. Tao, M.D., F.A.C.S, testified in the federal trial of Madison City, Alabama, police officer Eric Parker. The officer is charged with the civil rights violation of Sureshbhai Patel. Patel was partially paralyzed following the use of force in February of 2015. A dash camera video shows Sureshbhai Patel being thrown to the ground which caused serious spine damage. A mistrial was declared earlier this month with retrial tentatively set for October 26th.

Neurosurgery expert witnesses are surgeons who have dedicated their training to the surgical treatment of neurological disorders and traumatic injuries such as vertebral fractures. These experts interpret complex pieces of evidence that may be misunderstood by lay people.

The January 2014 Journal of Neurosurgery reports that “Neurological surgeons testifying in 326 cases since 2008 averaged over 30 years of experience per person (34.5 years for plaintiff witnesses versus 33.2 for defense witnesses).

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