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Dentist very carefully check up and repair tooth of his young female patient

Dental professionals perform procedures which include fillings, bridges, crowns, and root canals. Medical negligence claims against dentists typically allege injuries such as trauma to nerves, complications of dental anesthesia, or unnecessary procedures. In Wisconsin, a malpractice lawsuit was filed against dentist Andy Mancini alleging unnecessary tooth extractions, billing problems, and the mistreatment of children. Mancini operated Petite Dentistry in Hudson, Wisconsin, until it closed in April 2018. He is being sued in Washington County District Court by parents of children who allege he was negligent in his treatment of their families. Allegations include unnecessary procedures including extractions, teeth caps and improper anesthetic treatment.

The Woodbury Bulletin reports that Mancini used nitrous oxide levels that exceeded generally accepted standards for children. reported that Mancini threatened a 10-year-old child with “sharp tools” if the child refused to calm down during a treatment that was also deemed unnecessary.

The Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services License Board received a complaint against Mancini alleging that the dentist provided care below accepted minimal standards to one or more pediatric patients. A department database search reveals that Mancini, Credential/License Number: 6499-15, voluntarily surrendered his license on December 27, 2017. On March 27, 2018, the Wisconsin Department of Justice filed a civil complaint against Mancini and his dental practice. The State of Wisconsin Dentistry Examining Board Final Decision and Order states:

The permanent surrender of the license to practice dentistry in the state of Wisconsin, license number 6499-15, issued to the Respondent is hereby accepted and is effective April 10, 2018…

Respondent may never petition the Board for reinstatement of his license to engage in the practice of dentistry in the state of Wisconsin.

While Mancini surrendered his license in April, he is being sued in Dane County, WI, on charges of submitting false Medicaid claims.

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