Reasons to Use a Psychologist as an Expert Witness

Psychologists as medical expert witnesses are consulted in a variety of legal cases, from medical malpractice and personal injury to family law and criminal cases.

Before selecting a psychologist to represent the applicable content within your case, it is important to conduct thorough background research about the potential expert. The input of an expert witness could have a significant impact on the treatment of testimony and the outcome of a case, so the expert should have:

  • Significant education and credentials in the field
  • Publications or mentions in medical and psychology journals
  • Experience practicing as a psychologist
  • Comfort sharing his or her opinions in a written report and during deposition
  • A current practice – a working psychologist will have more credibility than someone who has retired from his/her position.

What Makes a Psychologist Expert Witnesses Different

When compared to other specialties such as radiology, neurology, cardiology and so forth, a psychologist provides a more general background that may be applicable to a wide variety of cases. It is not uncommon to find a psychological expert witness appearing in cases involving family law, personal injury, medical malpractice or other issues when an individual’s mental and psychological well-being are involved. Psychologists can play an important role in helping to explaiin complicated ideas, actions and responses.

Consultants typically provide a broad range of expert witness testimony including issues such as:

  • Personality disorders
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Psychological damage
  • Mental health concerns
  • Intellectual testing
  • Diagnostic criteria
  • Insanity assessments

The Psychologist as an Expert Witnesses in Family Law Cases

A psychologist may be brought into a family law case involving a custody dispute, domestic violence or in allegations of neglect. The psychologist is often retained to speak to the best interests of the child in these cases, and their opinion can carry great weight in the dispute’s outcome.

Psychological Expert Witnesses in Criminal Cases

A psychology expert witness may be consulted to provide insight in a criminal case when an accused individual is arguing that he or she is not guilty by reason of insanity.

Determining whether someone’s psychological background will have an influence on the development of a case is the first step towards determining whether a psychology expert witness should be retained.
It is important to ensure that you select the right expert for this role. A knowledgeable and credible expert witness can mean the difference between winning and losing a case.

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