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Neonatology physicians treat newborns up through the first thirty days of life. They work in the labor and delivery room as well as the neonatal intensive care unit. The neonatology patient is often a newborn requiring complex and specialized care due to a poor medical outcome following birth. These patients may be high risk infants, suffer from premature birth, or birth trauma.

In a recent case, a Pennsylvania hospital and obstetrician will pay more than $19M to settle claims alleging medical negligence in the 2012 birth of Emma Vaccaro. The lawsuit argued that a delayed Cesarean section caused the newborn severe brain damage. Marissa Vaccaro was admitted to the labor and delivery unit at Moses Taylor Hospital (dba for Scranton Quincy Hospital Company, LLC).  The exam by the attending obstetrician, Dr. Raymond DeCesare, showed an immediate C-section was needed. However the C-section was delayed for an ultrasound and Mrs. Vaccaro believes  the delay resulted in brain injury to her baby. Mrs. Vaccaro states that Dr. DeCesare should have diagnosed the placental abruption and performed the operation immediately. Emma Vaccaro was born hypoxic (deprived of sufficient oxygen) which resulted in brain injury, visual impairment, seizure disorder and renal failure.

The defendants, however, argue that the ultrasound was necessary and that Mrs. Vaccaro’s treatment followed medical procedures. They also state that there was evidence of fetal brain injury when Mrs. Vaccaro arrived at the hospital delivery unit.

In a medical negligence cases such as Vaccaro v. Scranton Quincy Hospital, the neonatology expert witness brings professionalism and clarity in a complicated and potentially highly emotional court proceeding. These highly skilled physicians are able to present the facts and an impartial opinion to the court. At Elite Medical Experts, we provide support throughout your case beginning with a complimentary strategic analysis followed by hand selection of the right top-tier expert for your medical negligence case. Contact us today to secure a practicing and top university faculty neonatology expert witness.

The Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas case 2014-07675, lists Commonwealth Health Physicians Network, Moses Taylor Hospital,  OBGYN Consultants LTD, and Decesare, Raymond C MD as defendants.

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