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Navy veteran Kevin Langager filed a federal lawsuit against vascular surgeon Dr. Alan Koslow and The Department of Veterans Affairs following surgery for a blocked artery to his leg.  The surgery resulted in severe pain, leg weakness and required follow-up treatment. Dr. Koslow had been disciplined by the Iowa board of Medicine before being hired at the Columbia, South Carolina, VA hospital.

An October 21, 2015, Iowa Board of Medicine press release describes the formal disciplinary charges against Koslow as “professional incompetency in the practice of surgery in the state of Iowa in his treatment of multiple patients in Des Moines, Iowa, and engaging in a pattern of disruptive behavior in violation of the laws and rules governing the practice of medicine in Iowa.”  Charges also included poor medical judgement and reasoning, incomplete evaluations, inconsistent recognition of complications, inadequate treatment planning, inadequate documentation and poor communication. Koslow was fined $5000 and placed on probation for five years.

The plaintiff stated that he never would have let Koslow operate on him if he had known that Iowa regulators had disciplined the surgeon for incompetency. The Veterans Administration settled the lawsuit with Langager for $950K.

Koslow did not have a South Carolina medical license when he was hired by the Columbia VA hospital. Under federal rules, a physician with a valid license in any state can practice in VA hospitals across the nation. While VA hospitals are not supposed to hire doctors whose licenses have been suspended or revoked, Koslow’s Iowa license was on probation. Koslow denies wrongdoing in Iowa and South Carolina. The VA does not admit wrongdoing in hiring Koslow.

In Saving limbs and lives: What does a vascular surgeon do exactly?, vascular surgeon Samantha Minc, MD, WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, tells us:

Vascular surgeons treat conditions of poor circulation in the blood vessels. We assist with inadequate blood flow problems of the veins and arteries in all parts of the body, except the brain and the heart.

Vascular surgeons treat some of the sickest patients in the hospital.  Conditions include atherosclerosis, carotid arterial disease, peripheral arterial disease, venous thrombosis, and more. Vascular surgery expert witnesses opine in litigation alleging that physicians failed to diagnose and/or treat vascular conditions.  Given the complexity and breadth of vascular surgery, an experienced board-certified vascular surgeon from a top university medical center is an invaluable asset in litigation. Contact Elite Medical Experts to secure a hand-selected vascular surgery expert witness who is ready to work with you.

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