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Organizing a set of medical records is one of the best cost-saving steps you can take.  There is no need to frustrate an expert (or pay additional fees) because a set of records is disorganized.  Call us and let us know what you have.  We’ll get the records organized and send them to the expert.  The cost is minimal but the benefits are tremendous.

ELITE provides expert witness services for medical negligence cases, but we also do a whole lot more:

  • STRATEGIC CONSULTING:  With thousands of cases handled, we have extensive experience in a wide range of medicolegal areas.  Examples include:
    • Qui Tam cases
    • Mass Torts
    • Toxic Torts
    • Product Liability
    • ERISA litigation arising from benefits and plan administration
    • Billing and compliance issues
  • RESEARCH:  From case summaries to strategic analysis to complex pharmaceutical and statistical analysis, ELITE tackles all research projects.  We’ll either handle the project internally or assemble a top-tier team.  Whatever your situation requires, ELITE delivers.
  • CASE SCREENING:  Want to run a case summary past a few experts?  Try our E-Screen process to learn what a few leading experts have to say.  It’s easy, fast, and less expensive than a full case review.
  • EXPERT PANELS:  Have a complex case for which you need multiple experts or a panel of experts?  ELITE has the resources your case requires.  We easily assemble panels of experts for complex litigation and mass torts.
  • CUSTOM PROJECTS:  From casting medical experts for television to analyzing new medical devices, we’re never surprised by our clients’ requests. Have an interesting, unusual, or complex project?  Call our team today!

ELITE does offer a screening process.  It’s called E-screen.  E-Screen provides a basic foundation upon which to make decisions and it does it at a fraction of the cost of a full opinion.  By using our simple web form, you submit a one-page (750-word) case summary that we’ll run past two or more hand-selected medical experts.  Each specialist will be a Board-Certified physician with a full time clinical practice and spotless credentials.  Go ahead and add all of the details that you want.  Feel free to ask specific questions or to propose a theory.  ELITE will secure the necessary experts, compile their responses, and provide a summary based upon what we learn.  The summary will provide a general understanding of the case along with a preliminary “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” in terms of the case theory.  An E-Screen is not an exhaustive case review and the experts will not analyze actual medical records.  Rather, it is a focused dialogue between you and several experts, based upon our case presentation.  The experts will simply rely upon your representation of the facts in order to succinctly validate or refute the merit of the case.  You’ll also be allowed to pose a follow-up question that one or more of the experts will answer.  This final step often brings more clarity to the original clinical inquiry.

 Does E-Screen sound like a worthwhile step for you?  Call ELITE today to speak with a case specialist to learn more.

Absolutely not.  Our experts are impartial, professional, and loyal to the medical facts.  If a case lacks merit, our experts will explain why.  They will answer your questions and provide a basis for their opinion.  The facts are the facts.  We guarantee that our expert will explore them, but we never guarantee an outcome.

No case is ever as easy it seems, but some cases are wildly complex from the start.  If your case is unusually extensive, complex, or without a definite starting point, just give us a call.  You’ll speak directly with an experienced physician or nurse on our staff.  We have years of experience working on similar cases and we can always provide a foundation with case-specific recommendations.  There is no charge for the call and we’ll devote whatever time it takes to understand and develop a viable strategic plan.

ELITE MEDICAL EXPERTS is proud of its work.  We want to exceed your expectations in terms of quality and personalized service. If we ever misstep, please let us know right away.  You will receive a call from a physician on our staff so that we can make it right.  The same is true with our experts.  Although ELITE cannot exert influence or control over an expert’s opinion, we will assure that each expert gives an honest, unbiased, and professional review.  If there is ever a problem or question, just pick up the phone and let us know.

ELITE constantly monitors its rates and strives to offer competitive pricing.  Should your firm require 10 or more experts per year, please ask us about a courtesy discount for preliminary case review.

YES!  We strive to build long-term relationships and to simplify the process.  Just ask us for a standing agreement and we will put one in place.

ELITE provides a standard agreement that may be signed electronically.  Please feel free to recommend any amendments to accommodate your needs.  In nearly all cases, we’ll gladly accept the requested changes.

ELITE’s fee is already built in to the expert’s fee schedule.  There is never an additional charge.

All of our experts utilize the exact same schedule and terms.  This allows you to budget and anticipate costs from the outset.  ELITE coordinates all billing and payment by sending regular invoices to your firm, collecting the payment, and then paying the expert.  The expert acts as an independent contractor to whom ELITE issues a Form 1099.

Once the expert is in place, ELITE’s experienced staff remains ready to facilitate communication, coordinate billing and payments, and streamline the entire process.  Should litigation take an unexpected twist or turn, ELITE provides full strategic support with additional experts, preparation for testimony, highly-customized case research, and a variety of other tasks.  When you need assistance, a physician or nurse on our staff is always ready to help.

With over 1500 clients and thousands of successes, we understand our client’s needs.  ELITE takes every possible step to assure discretion and professionalism.  Since our experts are professors hailing from major universities, their credentials are fully appreciated by both opposing counsel and the trier of fact.  We never work with “internet experts”, “hired guns”, or preselected experts.  Instead, we discover and hand-select each independent expert based upon the unique needs of your case.  We never advertise the name of any expert nor is any expert affiliated with our company or staff.  Since we have nothing to hide, all of our correspondence and communication is geared toward full discovery.  Our singular goal is to find the best expert for your case, to do so ethically and discretely, and to let the case proceed on its own.

When it comes to “impossible” assignments, ELITE has a remarkable record of success.  Whether meeting last-minute deadlines or securing experts for nearly instantaneous case review, ELITE helps you succeed.  The first step is to call today to speak directly with a physician or nurse on our case management staff.  We’ll launch the search for a top-tier expert and get the process running.  Depending on the complexity of the task, we may charge a fee for expedited service but there is never a fee to speak with us and to rapidly deploy a strategy for success.

We understand that litigation is expensive and that’s why we do everything to maximize your return and control costs.  Protect your investment by relying upon our expertise.  We start by providing a standard, cost-effective fee schedule that applies to all of our experts.  This eliminates unreasonable fees and random billing.  We also monitor our experts to assure timely and appropriate invoicing.  ELITE also knows that the key to any case is its foundation, and that step begins with an honest, thoroughly-reasoned opinion by a top-tier expert.  If your case lacks merit, a straightforward opinion at the outset is the best money-saving step of all.

ELITE experts are true experts. Each is a full-time, board-certified, extensively published Professor serving on the faculty of a distinguished US medical center. ELITE experts never advertise their services and they are not “professional expert witnesses”.  Each expert is an independent, hand-selected specialist who gives his or her full commitment until litigation is complete.

ELITE thrives on tough assignments and quickly secures leading experts that are otherwise impossible to find.  From Cardiac Pathology to Pediatric Maxillofacial Surgery, ELITE finds the exact expert to meet your needs.  ELITE also secures top Healthcare Administrators, Statisticians, Biomechanical Experts, Podiatrists, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Paramedics, Respiratory Therapists, and EMTs.  Call us today to discuss your special requirements and ELITE will do the rest.

The initial telephone consultation with an ELITE medical staff specialist is complimentary. Beyond that, all ELITE experts work on a unique flat-fee schedule for preliminary case review and discussion. Since a single flat-fee covers most cases, your out-of-pocket expenses are capped from the outset. Hourly rates apply to cases with extensive documents and cases that move forward through litigation. All fees are available upon request. ELITE coordinates all billing, provides unlimited strategic support, and serves as a single contact point for coordinating expert activities and communication.

Call ELITE today!  You’ll speak with a physician or nurse on our staff and we’ll launch the case today.  Click here for full contact information or call [888] 790-1399.

When you contact ELITE, you’ll speak directly with a specialist on our medical staff. We’ll discuss your case and spend whatever time it takes to develop a strategic plan.  Once we understand your case, ELITE will hand-vet a field of specialists and identify a top candidate based upon specific expertise, interest, availability, geographic proximity, and freedom from conflict. Within 3 to 7 business days, we’ll contact you with the expert’s Curriculum Vitae (CV). You are welcome to review the CV and to speak with any expert whom we recommend. In the rare event that you prefer a different expert, ELITE will repeat the process and secure another candidate (at no additional charge) until you are satisfied with your choice.  As a further benefit, all experts utilize the same standard fee schedule and agreement.  In other words, we eliminate random fees and terms so that you’ll know exact costs before we even start the search.  Since all billing goes directly through ELITE, you will have a central point of contact that streamlines the entire process.

When you are ready to proceed with the expert, you will send the medical records directly to the expert while all payments are coordinated by ELITE.  The records will need to be in 3-ring binders with minimal indexing to separate major sections (e.g. office visits, hospitalization, etc.). It is also preferable to include a cover letter summarizing the case and identifying key names and dates.  Unless otherwise specified, routine reviews take 1 to 3 weeks to complete.  Any case can be expedited, though it may incur an additional fee.  Once the review is complete, the expert will call you to discuss the findings and to review the elements of negligence as they pertain to your case.  If the expert deems the case to be preliminarily meritorious, then the expert will remain on the case as a testifying expert throughout all phases of litigation.

You may expect immediate, individualized expertise from a top expert in the field. From your first call to ELITE, you’ll speak with a Board-Certified physician or nurse who understands medical negligence. Once we understand your specific needs, we’ll secure a leading expert to work with you on your case.  You can be assured that 100% of our experts are:

    • Board-certified.
    • On the faculty of a major university medical center.
    • In full-time clinical practice.

    Since our experts are the top specialists in the nation, you can rely upon their professional and impartial evaluation of your case.