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Nursing expert witnesses are Nurses who testify about Nursing care in all setting from the bedside, to the operating room, to skilled nursing facilities. There are nearly 3,000,000 Nurses in the United States, and they outnumber physicians by a ratio of 4-to-1. As a result, Nurses provide the majority of patient healthcare domestically, and do so internationally as well. The increasing demand for Nurses has also led to tremendous specialization as Nurses work alongside physicians in diverse fields ranging from Hyperbaric Medicine to Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology. Given the complexity of daily nursing practice, it is not surprising that Nurses are routinely named in medical negligence lawsuits. While Nurses themselves may be the primary target of medical malpractice claims, they are more commonly joined in lawsuits as a strategic maneuver by viewing them as agents of their “deep pocket” employer.  For all of these reasons, a high percentage of medical negligence cases require Nursing expert witnesses.

Given the diversity of nursing employment and increasing statutory requirements to exactly match certification and practice, legal teams often struggle to secure outstanding Nursing expert witnesses in litigation. Elite Medical Experts readily identifies and aligns leading Nursing experts to match any case requirement or preference. Please contact Elite Medical Experts to speak with an experienced physician or nurse on our Case Strategy team.

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