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Nursing expert witnesses are Nurses who testify about Nursing care in all setting from the bedside, to the operating room, to skilled nursing facilities. There are nearly 3,000,000 Nurses in the United States, and they outnumber physicians by a ratio of 4-to-1. As a result, Nurses provide the majority of patient healthcare domestically, and do so internationally as well. The increasing demand for Nurses has also led to tremendous specialization as Nurses work alongside physicians in diverse fields ranging from Hyperbaric Medicine to Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology. Given the complexity of daily nursing practice, it is not surprising that Nurses are routinely named in medical negligence lawsuits. While Nurses themselves may be the primary target of medical malpractice claims, they are more commonly joined in lawsuits as a strategic maneuver by viewing them as agents of their “deep pocket” employer.  For all of these reasons, a high percentage of medical negligence cases require Nursing expert witnesses.

Given the diversity of nursing employment and increasing statutory requirements to exactly match certification and practice, legal teams often struggle to secure outstanding Nursing expert witnesses in litigation. Elite Medical Experts readily identifies and aligns leading Nursing experts to match any case requirement or preference. Please contact Elite Medical Experts to speak with an experienced physician or nurse on our Case Strategy team.

Why Engage an Expert Nursing Witness?

Nursing experts can be essential witnesses for plaintiff and defense attorneys, offering critical expertise and essential support for an array of litigation needs. From case selection and discovery to trial and beyond, nursing witnesses can play an integral role in medical negligence cases, as well as work injury claims, motor vehicle accident claims, and several other types of cases. Their strategic support, tailored to fit the specific details and allegations of a given case, generally involves the following.

Case Assessments

Nursing experts assist with case screenings, conducting medical research, analyzing injury reports, and reviewing evidence to weigh in the merit of potential claims and legal arguments. With this insight, lawyers and legal teams can make more informed decisions regarding prospective cases and referrals. They can also identify their best strategies for proceeding when they partner with new clients for complex medical litigation.

Damages Evaluations

Does a case meet the requirements and have each element necessary to qualify for damages? Nursing experts can help attorneys answer this vital question, saving law firms valuable resources. Beyond weighing in on whether claims meet the bar for damages, nursing witnesses can also:

  • Opine on causation: This could involve connecting the dots between incident and injury or shedding light on related issues, like pre-existing injuries or the risks of related health complications in the future.

  • Identity other plaintiffs and/or defendants: Uncovering additional plaintiffs or defendants can be a game-changer for some cases, possibly opening up access to additional evidence and/or opportunities to enhance legal strategy.

Medical Record Reviews

Skilled at translating the complexities of medical records, nursing experts can help lawyers navigate and wade through mountains of documents. This means efficiently zeroing in on the most relevant details and records to strengthen a case, pointing out where information is missing or inconsistent, and creating a cogent summary of their findings.

Expertise Regarding Standard of Care

Adherence to or deviations from the standard of care can be challenging to determine and prove without the expertise of a nursing witness. By reviewing medical records, depositions, and other evidence, nursing experts can speak to whether the standard of care was met in terms of diagnoses, referrals to specialists, and/or treatment.

Help Legal Teams Prepare for Upcoming Proceedings

Nursing witnesses can sit for depositions and help legal teams prepare for cross-examination of the opposing counsel’s experts. As specially trained subject matter authorities, nursing experts can also assist in the development of action plans and reports while providing testimony.

Types of Expert Nursing Witnesses: APRNs vs RNs

Area of specialty can be one way of engaging the right nursing expert for your case. Alternatively, seeking experts based on licensing and credentials can effectively connect legal teams to nurses who have the qualifications and background their case and clients may need to win.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Holding a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) has the same licensing as a registered nurse (RN), along with the clinical experience and credentials to perform a broader range of tasks. This can include ordering and evaluating diagnostic tests, referring patients to specialists, diagnosing conditions, and treating patients. Consequently, APRNs may practice on their own or alongside a physician.

APRNs can include (but are not limited to):

  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Directors of nursing
  • Nurse anesthetists
  • Nurse midwives
  • Nurse practitioners

Registered Nurses

Holding an associate degree in nursing or a bachelor of science in nursing, registered nurses (RNs) oversee and administer several aspects of patient care, from monitoring symptoms and medical equipment to running diagnostic tests, creating care plans, and managing patient follow-ups.

Some RNs may work on the administrative side of health care, handling patient records, managing nursing assistants, or coordinating care plans between various specialists (within one facility or across multiple providers). RNs can focus on various specialties, including neonatal nursing, pediatric nursing, emergency nursing, and more.

When Nursing Experts Are Critical to Your Case, Contact Elite Medical Experts

Elite Medical Experts is ready to connect you with the best nursing witnesses for your needs. Our case strategists have extensive experience securing top-tier nursing experts for complex litigation and consulting engagements. We work with plaintiffs’ attorneys, defense lawyers, corporate legal teams, state and federal government officials, and more.

Zero-Risk Guarantees ˑ Strategic Options for Every Need, Budget & Deadline

At Elite Medical Experts, we hand select medical experts based on your specific requirements and preferences. Each specialist has spotless credentials and an impeccable professional record. With convenient E-screening, it is easy to get answers to complex questions about your case, standards of care, and legal strategy whenever you are debating theory or you are stuck on a critical issue. Plus, Elite Medical Experts offers:

  • Flat-fee searches: Flat-fee searches are ideal for cases that do not require longitudinal support. They let clients work directly with experts, using the expert’s own terms and fees and.

  • Zero-hassle refunds: Save money and meet deadlines with our zero-risk options. If you do not approve the expert, we will refund your fee. This zero-risk guarantee still applies to every expert we secure.

With complete transparency and actionable advice, Elite simplifies the process of securing nursing experts. That saves our clients time and money while helping them overcome challenges so they can win.

Our case studies and reviews demonstrate why we are a leading medical expert resource and why more than 3,500 clients trust Elite with their toughest assignments.

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