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Pediatric physicians treat congenital, medical, surgical, and traumatic issues in children of all ages, and practice in private settings and major centers.  Doctors in training are classically taught that “children are not just small adults,” and it’s for this exact reason that the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) has recognized Pediatrics as a unique specialty since the founding of the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) in 1933.

Pediatrics is a primary care field, and Pediatricians exist to address the unique healthcare needs of children for disease prevention and treatment. Nearly 200 million pediatric office visits take place every year, and millions more children are treated in emergency departments and hospitals. For office-based Pediatric physicians, visits are generally divided between “well-care” and “problem-focused” visits. Well care includes what laypeople typically describe as a “checkup,” a routine visit for height, weight, blood pressure, general examination, or immunizations. Problem-focused visits span a diverse range of conditions, though acute upper respiratory infections, otitis media (ear infection), pharyngitis (throat infection), sinusitis, allergies, and asthma comprise a majority of encounters. Beyond the basic presentations, Pediatricians treat a variety of acute and chronic problems and consult with specialists on issues ranging from cancer to congenital heart disease.

The American Board of Pediatrics now recognizes 20 distinct Pediatric specialties ranging from Child Abuse Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, to Sleep Medicine and Pediatric Rheumatology. A number of other boards aside from ABP recognize distinct subspecialty areas including Pediatric Anesthesiology, Pediatric Dermatology, Pediatric Pathology, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Pediatric Radiology, Pediatric Surgery, and Pediatric Urology. In addition to board-certified subspecialties, many doctors undertake additional years of training to subspecialize in uniquely focused areas such as Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurology, and Congenital Cardiac Surgery. Although these are not recognized specialties under the ABMS, they have fully accredited fellowships (training programs) and are an integral part of comprehensive healthcare for infants and children.

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