E-Screen --- The FASTEST way to answer complex questions about your case.

Some cases just need a place to start.  If you’re debating a case theory or stuck on a critical decision point, E-Screen is exactly what you need:

  • Consult directly with a hand-selected Professor of Medicine or Surgery
  • Gain actionable case insight to inform your next steps. 
  • Save time and money by focusing on questions rather than full case reviews
  • Detailed answers by secure e-mail in as few as 48 hours
  • Protected as part of your work product

E-Screen is a focused dialogue between you and a leading expert in any field of Medicine or Surgery. It starts with an online link to securely submit a one-page case summary (or radiology images), and then we’ll hand-select a Board-Certified university specialist — with spot-on expertise in the focused area — to review it.  Feel free to ask any question, propose a theory, and even request a “thumbs up or down” on whether to take a case.  Our team takes it from there to align the ideal expert, secure their response, and deliver a detailed summary.

Is E-Screen exactly what you’ve been looking for?  Call 888-790-1399 and we’ll take it from there, or CLICK HERE to check out our FAQs

Elite Medical Experts Secures University Experts
for Medical Litigation & Complex Consulting

Our Zero-Risk Guarantee assures the optimal expert for your case.

For a case analysis, please provide some details
and our strategy team will respond within a few business hours.