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Flat-Fee Expert Search

Flat-Fee Expert Searches are the most popular among clients. Elite will secure a top-tier, board-certified, full-time practicing university professor who is selected with the exact details of your case in mind. With this service option, attorneys will work directly with the expert using the expert’s fees and terms. Once the expert has been approved by the legal team, Elite allows the attorney and expert to handle all contact and case needs. Flat-Fee is the perfect option for cases that do not require longitudinal support.

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Case Support

Premium services provide start-to-finish litigation support during complex litigation. Our Zero-Risk Guarantee still applies to every nationally recognized expert we secure.

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As part of The Bentley Group, Elite has extensive experience securing top-tier Professors of Medicine and Surgery for any complex consulting engagement.

Elite Medical Experts Secures University Experts
for Medical Litigation & Complex Consulting

Our Zero-Risk Guarantee assures the optimal expert for your case.

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