ELITE is your partner for all medical-related litigation.

Our medical professional staff provides complimentary strategic input from the very first call to the completion of your case.

Overview of ELITE

ELITE MEDICAL EXPERTS secures top-tier medical expert witnesses from 110 major University medical centers covering all medical and surgical specialties. Our unique strength is that each ELITE medical expert witness is a Board-Certified Professor at a major US teaching institution.  We consult nationwide with attorneys for plaintiff and defense, as well as insurers, governmental agencies, and pharmaceutical firms.  From medical malpractice to Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) to personal injury, ELITE has your case covered.

  • University-level expert witness support for any medical case
  • Review of duty, breach, harm, and causation
  • Unbiased, immediate opinions and testimony
  • Expert affidavits, reports, analysis, and Independent Medical Exams
  • Cost-effective opinions with most cases covered by a single flat-fee

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