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The global pharmaceutical industry is worth well over $1T, and in the United States alone it is responsible for over 10 billion inpatient and outpatient drug orders every year. Combined with nutraceuticals and supplements, the worldwide market for all prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and unregulated agents easily exceeds $2T and continues to rise. Where dollars flow, complexity follows, and experts in Pharmacy and Pharmacology are in high demand for consultation and litigation involving pharmaceutical intellectual property, medical negligence, drug development, prescription formularies, and drug dispensing.

Pharmacologists are scientists who work in government, academia, and private sector labs to study, develop, and test the safety of drugs before and after they reach the market. Their work, which is not patient facing, focuses on the science of drug development including drug pharmacokinetics (i.e. how drugs are absorbed and processed by the body) and drug pharmacodynamics (i.e. how drugs affect the body). Pharmacists are generally patient-centric and perform their work in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies where they dispense prescription drugs to patients and clinicians. Pharmacists specialize in drug dispensing, medication interactions, and patient-specific variables that affect drug selection and dosing. Pharmacists also develop, approve, and oversee formularies which are the lists of drugs covered by various private and governmental prescription plans. Medicinal Chemists specialize in the discovery and synthesis of novel therapeutics and the modification of existing molecules in the insatiable quest to develop new treatments for disease. The work of Medicinal Chemistry is strictly scientific, but readily becomes the lifeblood of Pharmacology and Pharmacy.

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