Service Chart

Elite provides a trial-proven way to secure medical experts and avoid costly mistakes.

Service DescriptionSearch Options
Complimentary access to Elite’s in-house strategy team
Top-tier physicians and surgeons from leading universities
Zero-Risk Guarantee: Approve the expert or we’ll return the fee
Flat fee for Elite’s service of identifying retained expert 
Standard fees and terms based solely on expert’s specialty 
Available with Expert NOW expedited services
Elite’s margin is already part of the standard expert fees 
Elite obtains client preapproval for all billable expert work 
Elite coordinates communication, IMEs, travel, and troubleshooting 
Unlimited strategic and tactical support from Elite’s strategy team 
Elite handles all invoicing, payment, and tax forms 

Learn about our other service options below:

Case Support

Premium services provide start-to-finish litigation support during complex litigation. Our Zero-Risk Guarantee still applies to every nationally recognized expert we secure.


Does your case have an “impossible” deadline? Click here for instantaneous access to Elite’s executive strategy team.


As part of The Bentley Group, Elite has extensive experience securing top-tier Professors of Medicine and Surgery for any complex consulting engagement.

Elite Medical Experts Secures University Experts
for Medical Litigation & Complex Consulting

Our Zero-Risk Guarantee assures the optimal expert for your case.

For a case analysis, please provide some details
and our strategy team will respond within a few business hours.