E-Screen FAQs

What exactly is an E-Screen?

Unlike a formal case review, an E-Screen creates a focused written dialogue between you and a hand-selected physician or surgeon.  With E-Screen, you’ll electronically submit a one-page (≤750 word) case summary including all relevant medical facts and specific questions that you’d like the expert to answer. If your questions involve radiology studies, you may include those as well. Once received, we’ll hand select a nationally recognized, board-certified, Professor of Medicine or Surgery who is laser-aligned for the case.  Most reviews are completed within 5 business days at which time you’ll receive succinct written answers to your questions. The goal is to provide actionable case insight to inform your next steps. Since the work is performed by a non-testifying expert, it is generally protected as part of work product.

Which cases and questions are best for E-Screening?

E-Screen is best for easily summarized cases that hinge on a focused question or binary outcomes.  For example:

  • Would the patient have survived if they had emergency surgery?
  • What did the cervical spine MRI show?
  • Were there abnormal fetal tracings or sign of distress that should have prompted an earlier C-section?
  • Would it have mattered if they gave TPA for the stroke?
  • Should the nursing home have sent the man to the ER after he fell, and would it have mattered?

Not sure if E-Screen is the right choice?  Just call our Strategy Team at 888-790-1399 and we’ll explore the best options.

Which cases won’t work with E-Screen?

E-Screen is for focused questions only!  When a case has extensive records, multiple issues, more than one or two questions, and/or can’t be easily summarized in <1 page, it won’t work with E-Screen and we cannot accept it.  Complex cases need in-depth review, but Elite can handle that as well.  If you have a complex case and you are a law firm or insurer, please call 888-790-1399 to speak with a Case Strategist.

What are the steps to get an E-Screen?

  • Prepare a one-page (<750 word) summary of the case with specific questions. Be concise, accurate, and focused.
  • Call us at 888-790-1399 to discuss E-Screen and to provide case details and payment information.
  • We’ll then hand select an ideal expert and send the file to the expert.
  • Within 1 to 5 business days, we’ll reach out to you via e-mail with the expert’s written opinion.

What will I receive?

An E-Screen report is brief (< 1 page) and focuses on your exact questions based upon the details you presented. It is intended to answer specific questions to help your decision-making, though you may receive a preliminary “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” of the case theory.  The report will include a statement of the expert’s qualifications including their specialty, title, and university.

Who are the E-Screen experts?

Each expert is a board-certified Professor of Medicine or Surgery with a full-time clinical practice and focused expertise in the EXACT elements of your case.  We review your submission and then hand select the expert to assure that their expertise is exactly aligned with the needs of the case.

Can I speak with the reviewing expert?

An E-Screen is intended to serve as a focused, one-time, written communication. If you have a follow-up question or need clarification, we can consider reaching back to the expert. Some experts will extend the courtesy of replying, but others will ask for additional payment.

What does it cost?

The flat-fee for an E-Screen is $995 for Medical cases and $1,495 for Surgical.

How quickly will I get answers?

Most cases are reviewed within 48 hours, though we allow up to 5 business days for experts to respond.

What if the expert says I don’t have a case?

Knowing that you don’t have a case is often more valuable than knowing that you do.  Saving cost and cutting losses is E-Screen’s greatest strength. Even with a negative E-Screen, you still have the option of proceeding with a comprehensive case review.  By understanding the weaknesses you’ll be in a better position to analyze the second opinion.

Will the E-Screen expert testify?

E-Screen is a focused dialogue with a non-testifying expert who serves as a case consultant.  Although many E-Screen experts testify in other cases, the intent of an E-Screen is to quickly engage a non-testifying, non-discoverable expert.  Should you wish to move forward with an E-Screen expert, we’ll gladly seek their permission and screen them for conflicts.  If they agree (though they are under no obligation to do so), additional charges will apply and it may open their earlier opinion to discovery.

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