Colorado Medical Practice Act Violation Lawsuit

neurology expert witness

Neurologists specialize in disorders of the central nervous system such as stroke, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease, as well a number of other pain-related conditions. Neurology expert witnesses are called upon to consult and provide testimony in cases involving neurologists who do not follow the medical standard of care and/or violate the Medical Practice Act in their state. These statutes govern the practice of medicine as well as the requirements and methods of licensure. Medical Practice Acts were adopted to protect the public from unqualified doctors and fraudulent medical procedures.

The Colorado Medical Board suspended a Fort Collins neurologist’s license pending charges that he violated the Colorado Medical Practice Act. Dr. Timothy Jay Allen instructed medical students to fill prescriptions in their names and then return the drugs to him for his personal use. Neurology expert witnesses are hired in this type of case to review medical records and opine on the standard of care provided by the defendant. These experts are able to testify in neurology medical malpractice lawsuits as well as cases involving violations of applicable state statutes.

Colorado Medical Board Rules may be found here.  More information on the history of medical practice acts: The Early Development of Medical Licensing Laws in the United States, 1875-1900.

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