Four Tips When Obtaining an Independent Medical Examination

Obtaining an independent medical examination is crucial to any legal case involving injuries or alleged medical malpractice.

When a patient believes he or she has sustained critical injuries at the hands of another individual, a medical malpractice or a personal injury lawsuit may ensue. In some situations, there may be a criminal lawsuit as well if assault or violent harm is involved.

An independent medical examination can play an important role in determining the outcome of the case. Patients navigating this process should be fully prepared for what to expect, and should follow the tips below to have the best possible outcome.

Never Submit to Any Additional Tests Without Speaking Directly with an Attorney

In any legal proceeding, it is important to engage an attorney at each stage. In cases of medical malpractice, this is no different. Before submitting to an independent medical examination, a patient should fully understand his or her rights and be briefed by an attorney before moving forward.

Be Honest

It is imperative that the individual submitting to an independent medical examination be completely honest about his or her condition, including pain they may currently be experiencing. Sharing legitimate concerns is strongly recommended, but inaccurate or inconsistent statements can raise questions about the credibility of the individual.

Show Up On Time

It is important to be on time for an independent medical examination. This simple action implies credibility and a professional courtesy. While being late to an evaluation may not be used against the individual in court, the negative impression will remain.

Request an Appointment with your Personal Physician

Attending an independent medical examination is an important step in a lawsuit. However, that does not mean that patients are forbidden from meeting with their own doctors. Make sure that you inform your patients that they are still able to attend appointments with their own physician and medical professionals throughout the course of the case. In fact, that evidence can even become important in the case.

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