Gynecology Expert Witnesses & Pelvic Surgery Complications

Maria D. Ramirez has filed a medical malpractice complaint in Cook County Circuit Court against Presence Chicago Hospitals Network.  She was admitted to the hospital in 2014 for removal of an ovarian cyst and suffered bowel perforation during the procedure. Ramirez experienced pain and incurred medical costs which she is seeking to recover. A bowel perforation is a surgical emergency, requiring immediate treatment to prevent further complications such as infection or death. The plaintiff states the hospital staff failed to obtain a surgical consultation in a timely manner or properly diagnose the bowel perforation.  Patients with this condition often need surgery to repair the perforation and remove any waste material that has leaked from the intestine into the abdominal cavity.

Gynecology expert witnesses are needed to consult on both standard of care and causation in complex medical malpractice cases such as this.  These experts are trained to write reports and testify regarding allegations of negligence following gynecologic surgery.  Pelvic surgery has the potential for unforeseen complications which may involve ureteral, bladder, or bowel injury. The expert witness analysis on how the medical team handled the surgical complication is essential in a malpractice case such as Ramirez v. Presence Chicago Hospitals Network, et al.

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