Did The Interventional Cardiologist Cause Medical Harm?

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An interventional cardiologist has specialized training in order to diagnose and treat coronary artery disease. These medical specialists use catheterization and other procedures to clear blocked arteries, correct congenital heart abnormalities and repair heart valves. Procedures include:

Cardiac catheterization – used to determine the severity and extent of cardiovascular problems

Coronary angioplasty – used to open arteries that have been narrowed by atherosclerosis

Percutaneous valve repair –  repairs the valve without removing the old, damaged valve

Balloon valvuloplasty – widens a heart valve that is narrowed

Atherectomy – removing atherosclerosis from blood vessels within the body

When an IC doctor is charged with a medical negligence claim, an interventional cardiology expert witness is often required to address causation. Dr. Burton Bentley writes:

In additional to opining on standard of care, causation arguments may arise when an interventional cardiologist is alleged to have acted negligently. In other words, did the alleged malpractice result in harm? Interventional cardiology experts also evaluate causation when a patient suffers a deprivation of care by not being referred to an interventional cardiologist in a timely manner. For example, allegations may arise when a primary care provider fails to refer a patient with chest pain, or when an emergency medicine specialist delays admission to the cardiac catheterization lab. Such situations mandate meticulous analysis, and only a credible and independent interventional cardiology expert witness can connect the dots.

Since interventional cardiology experts are also cardiologists, IC experts are also called upon to determine the existence, nature, extent, and prognosis of cardiac harm. For example, when a patient suffers a myocardial infarction (i.e. heart attack), what is the extent of the injury and how will it impact the patient’s health? Investigating the status and degree of cardiac harm is an essential strategic element is many cases…

In a cardiac negligence case, a skilled and impartial interventional cardiology expert witness will be key in your case’s success.

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