Pulmonary Medicine Medical Expert Witness: Epoxy exposure respiratory sequelae


Pulmonary Medical Expert needed to review case of exposure to epoxy chemicals resulting in severe respiratory ailments.



Epoxy is marketed in liquid and powder forms. Liquid epoxy requires that two separate liquid epoxy elements be mixed together to form the final product, and this mixing process can generate potentially toxic fumes. Powdered epoxy comes in an extremely fine dust that may be possible to inhale. When inhaled, these compounds can result in a variety of medical symptoms, including respiratory issues.



A man working with two different epoxy products developed severe respiratory ailments, allegedly due to his exposure to one or both of the agents. He filed a lawsuit against the company that manufactures liquid epoxy, and another company that manufactures powdered epoxy.



Our physician-led team was asked to secure a high-level Pulmonary Medicine medical expert witness in a small geographic region. The pulmonology expert was required to have specific expertise with industrial inhalation.



Elite quickly secured a top-tier Professor of Pulmonary Medicine from a Major East Coast medical program. The Pulmonary Medicine medical expert witness was able to perform a rapid Independent Medical Examination to determine the extent and cause of the respiratory damage sustained by the plaintiff.


E-CASE STUDIES are brief clinical vignettes based upon actual cases handled by ELITE. Identifying information has been redacted or altered to protect case confidentiality.

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