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Urology deals with the medical treatment of diseases of the urinary tract. Urologists are M.D.s who complete five years of specialty training during a postgraduate residency in urology. Those who successfully pass their board examination are certified by the American Board of Urology. Allegations of medical negligence against urologists include failure to diagnose and/or treat various urological conditions.

Urologytimes.com reports on a case where a urologist was found to have departed from the standard of care in a surgical procedure. The plaintiff had problems with urinary frequency and difficulty emptying his bladder for three decades. He underwent two transurethral resections of the prostate which brought some relief and was taking a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.

He was treated by a different urologist twenty years after the TURPs surgeries complaining of nocturia, frequency, and urgency. The doctor performed a GreenLight laser procedure which is used to relieve moderate to severe urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. Robotic Oncology describes the procedure:

GreenLight™ Laser PVP is a recent addition to the minimally invasive techniques in the treatment of BPH. The procedure uses the technology of high-powered laser light combined with fiber optics to vaporize the overgrowth of prostate cells quickly and accurately.

Following his prostate laser surgery, the plaintiff experienced significant pain, bleeding, and complete urinary incontinence. A few months after the procedure, the plaintiff obtained his medical records and found that the GreenLight Laser PVP had been performed by a third-year resident and not the physician he had met with previously. The complaint alleges that the resident performed an unnecessary procedure and in addition, performed it negligently.

In urology medical negligence lawsuits, the court and jury are educated by urology expert witnesses regarding complex anatomy, pathology, and surgical procedures in order to understand the issues presented at trial. Elite Medical Experts is a physician-led firm providing experts from leading universities who have full-time clinical practices and board-certifications. Contact Elite Medical Experts today and speak to a case strategist to discuss the fact pattern in your case.

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