Cook County Jury Awards $101M In Birth Injury Case

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A Cook County jury awarded $101M to mother Tequila Snow in a medical malpractice case against West Suburban Medical. Snow gave birth to a severely brain-damaged boy who is now five years old and cannot speak, walk or sit up on his own. Snow was admitted to West Suburban Medical Center in December 2014 because she hadn’t felt her baby move. This was confirmed during an ultrasound but was not reported to other medical professionals. Instead, there was a five-hour delay between the ultrasound and a doctor being told about results. By then, Gerald was born.  He was delivered limp, pale, not breathing and was resuscitated but suffered permanent brain damage.

Medical experts testified that a cesarean section would have prevented Gerald’s brain damage. The judge ruled that nurses and medical technicians ignored his condition.  Birth injuries involve a mistake made by someone on the medical staff during pregnancy and/or labor and delivery. According to, a birth injury lawsuit can help recover damages for:

Past, current, and future medical expenses

Healthcare costs associated with rehabilitation, therapy, counseling, and specialized medical equipment

Pain, suffering, and emotional distress

Lost wages due to providing care for the disabled child

Loss of enjoyment and companionship

Birth Injury Guide is a website staffed by a birth injury advocacy group based out of Houston, TX.

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