E-CASE STUDIES are brief clinical vignettes based upon actual cases handled by ELITE. Identifying information has been redacted or altered to protect case confidentiality.


A damaged orthopedic anchor results in permanent shoulder injury.



Orthopedic surgeons routinely deploy specialized surgical hardware such as pins, rods, nails, screws, and anchors. Improperly placed or damaged hardware can result in severe complications.



A 32-year-old man underwent a routine shoulder surgery utilizing an anchor. The anchor was apparently deformed during surgical insertion, but the surgeon proceeded utilizing the same anchor. The patient developed persistent pain and finally sought a second opinion two years later. The new surgeon found that the original anchor was both damaged and misplaced, resulting in chondrolysis and erosion of the humeral head. The patient required a total shoulder arthroplasty.



Our physician-led team was asked to secure an orthopedic surgery expert witness with extensive experience in shoulder surgery. At no additional cost, ELITE reviewed the medical records to look for other issues and to identify the exact type of anchor system used in the patient’s case.



ELITE rapidly secured a top-tier Professor of Orthopedic Surgery from a major West Coast medical university. The ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY expert witness had performed over 1000 shoulder surgeries and routinely deployed the same anchor system specified in the patient’s medical records.



The orthopedic surgery  expert witness opined that the damaged anchor resulted in hardware migration that caused chondrolysis and pain. The orthopedic surgery expert also testified that the two year delay in removing the anchor caused additional damage to the shoulder such that it required a total arthroplasty rather than a simple revision.

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