Advising an Oncology Expert Witness about the Importance of Proper Communication Skills When Giving Depositions or Trial Testimony

An oncology medical expert witness can add tremendous value to a legal case, but he or she may not be accustomed to the preferred speaking style and communication skills necessary to succeed in court.

It is just as important to determine how an individual will communicate with the court and provide testimony as it is to carefully evaluate the expert’s background. Remember that the jury will be made up of people who have to make a determination about both the credibility of the expert witness and the testimony.


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What Attorneys Should Know About Medical Expert Witness Disqualification

All of the work involved in selecting the right medical expert witness and preparing him or her for report drafting and court appearances can go to waste if opposing counsel attempts to disqualify the expert.

In most cases, one should expect the opposing side to call the expert’s credibility into question, but in other situations, it may involve an attempted disqualification of the expert witness entirely. (more…)

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Differing Versions of the Same Encounter: The Medical Expert’s Dilemma

Imagine that you’ve secured a top-tier medical expert for a “solid” case, the medical records are in the expert’s hands, and now it is only a matter of affirming your theory so that the case can advance. And then, disaster strikes: The expert calls with an opinion that is 180-degrees off-target and entirely counter to your claim. When analyzing what went wrong, the answer may be as simple as regrouping to allow the expert to consider differing versions of the same medical encounter. (more…)

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