Child Abuse Pediatrics Expert Witness


CHILD ABUSE PEDIATRICS is a subspecialty of Pediatric Medicine focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents who are suspected victims of any type of child maltreatment. Types of maltreatment include physical and/or sexual abuse, factitious illness, psychological/emotional abuse, and neglect. Certification in General Pediatrics and completion of Child Abuse Pediatrics fellowship training are required for eligibility to take the subspecialty board examination. Child Abuse Pediatric Boards are conducted by the American Board of Pediatrics. Child Abuse Pediatricians practice primarily in academic settings and are responsible for patient care, research, and teaching. There are also Child Abuse Pediatricians who practice solely in clinical settings like child advocacy centers, clinics, and community hospitals.

Child Abuse Pediatrics expert witnesses are often called to provide expert testimony on suspected non-accidental trauma (SNAT) and other forms of maltreatment.