General Surgery Expert Witness


GENERAL SURGERY is the field of surgery dealing predominantly with surgery upon the abdominal organs including the esophagus, stomach, intestinal tract, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. General Surgeons also operate upon the thyroid and breast, and may perform some skin-related surgeries such as the treatment of burns, tumors, and infections (e.g. abscesses). General Surgeons also focus upon trauma and assist in running trauma centers across the nation. The newest trend in General Surgery is “minimally invasive surgery,” the utilization of tiny cameras and devices (some robotically assisted) to facilitate surgery in the least invasive fashion.

Litigation against General Surgeons commonly involves allegations of delayed or improper treatment as well as standard complications of surgery including bleeding, infection, or damage to adjacent structures. Because the field of surgery is so specialized, Elite Medical Experts maintains experts covering all subspecialty areas of General Surgery, including Vascular Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, and Colorectal Surgery.