Vascular Surgery Expert Witness


VASCULAR SURGERY is a subspecialty of General Surgery involving the surgical treatment of vascular (i.e. blood vessel) disease. Common vascular procedures include aneurysm repair, carotid endarterectomy (i.e. clearing of the carotid artery), treatment of peripheral vascular disease (via angioplasty or bypass), and varicose vein surgery (via vein stripping, sclerotherapy, and ablation). Board Certification in Vascular Surgery requires completion of a General Surgery residency followed by a fellowship in Vascular Surgery.

Litigation against Vascular Surgeons is uncommon, though Vascular Surgery experts are often required to opine on causation involving other physicians who fail to diagnose and treat vascular conditions.  Amongst these conditions, the failure to diagnose and/or treat peripheral artery disease and limb ischemia is perhaps the most common area of litigation.