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Testosterone used in anti-aging medicineAn Anti-aging expert witness testifies on Anti-aging Medicine including the use of hormones, supplements, and treatments to restore appearance and health.  Anti-Aging  focuses on slowing and reversing signs of aging through the use of medications, treatments, supplements, and procedures that are intended to improve physical health, function, and appearance. Anti-aging Medicine is a type of medical practice but not a formally recognized medical specialty. Traditional medical specialties are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) as having a stand-alone set of core medical knowledge and care principles directed toward a distinct and definable group of patients. In contrast, practitioners of Anti-aging Medicine come from myriad backgrounds, utilize proprietary treatments, adopt stances that may lack scientific validation, and build practices that cater to elective clientele rather than the general public. In their defense, Anti-aging physicians view their theories as cutting edge, and many of their practices have indeed proven omniscient such as carbohydrate restriction, the avoidance of processed foods, and the use of “healthy” fats. Controversy surrounding the topic breeds polarization such that many Anti-aging practitioners feel persecuted by the FDA and AMA, while some traditional physicians view Anti-aging Medicine as modern-day quackery.  A highly qualified Anti-Aging expert witness can address any of these areas.

While Anti-aging Medicine focuses on a healthy lifestyle, the controversy in Anti-aging Medicine focuses on the use of various treatments that have questionable safety and no scientifically validated effect on slowing or reversing the aging process. A classic example of a dangerous and scientifically rebuked practice is anti-aging stem cell therapy, an expensive and widely promoted treatment that the FDA warns may be harmful, unproven, and illegal. Other practices are less likely to be dangerous, but still lack scientific validation and widespread acceptance in the medical community. Examples include hormone therapy, topical and injectable peptides, Human Growth Hormone, and other scientifically unvalidated supplements, injectables, and topical treatments that are purported to favorably affect aging.

With the global anti-aging industry slated to cross $25 billion in annual revenue, the number of claims against anti-aging practices and products is increasing. Defending and prosecuting such claims requires a strategic approach involving experts in Anti-aging Medicine, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry, Nutraceutical Science, and FDA Regulatory Affairs. To secure a hand-selected Anti-aging expert witness who is ready to tackle complex issues, please contact Elite Medical Experts and speak with a physician or nurse on our Case Strategy Team.

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