Aquatic Safety Expert Witness


AQUATIC SAFETY encompasses the entire spectrum of water-activity risk management, from drowning prevention to forensic investigation of aquatic disasters.  Aquatic Safety experts are typically lifeguards with various degrees of training and experience in the day-to-day management of aquatic activities and venues. Typical settings for Aquatic Safety experts includes private and public swimming pools, water parks, water slides at parks and resorts, lifeguarded lakes, cruise ship water sports, and public beaches. Such experts are adept at lifeguarding regulations, water rescue, drowning investigation, aquatic danger signage, diving accidents, and regulatory compliance.  When Aquatic Safety cases focus on medical issues, the ideal expert is a physician with extensive experience in lifeguarding, water rescue, and resuscitation. Physician experts, typically Emergency Medicine specialists, move beyond the core safety elements and focus on highly complex medical issues such as drowning, resuscitation, diving injuries, conscious pain and suffering, and post-drowning rehabilitation.