Allergy & Immunology Expert Witness


ALLERGY & IMMUNOLOGY (“A&I” or “A/I”) is a medical subspecialty focusing on the treatment of children and adults with allergic conditions and diseases of the immune system. Specialists in Allergy & Immunology must first complete medical school followed by a 3-year residency in Pediatrics or Internal Medicine. They must then undertake an additional 2-year fellowship in A&I that includes training in pediatric and adult disease. A&I specialists treat common conditions such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and food allergy, though they also treat complex disorders such as organ transplant rejection, angioedema, and immune deficiency syndromes. Allergy and Immunology specialists work in private practices and teaching hospitals, and their practices typically serve adults and children.

Litigation targeting A&I specialists is extremely uncommon, though Allergy & Immunology expert witnesses are often needed to address issues of causation. Common situations may involve food allergy after accidental ingestion, reactions to mold exposure, and allergic reactions to various drugs and pharmaceuticals.